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Diputación de Granada

The birthplace of Federico García Lorca is a typical farmhouse like many others existing in the plain of Granada. It was built in 1880, when Federico García Rodríguez got married to his first wife Matilde Palacios. After getting widower, D. Federico got married again to Dª Vicenta Lorca Romero, who was a schoolmistress in Fuente Vaqueros. Federico was born here the 5th june 1898, the place where he spent his early childhood years, which influenced his sensitiviness.

The house, which had undergone various transformations with the different families who lived there, after being acquired by de Deputy of Granada in 1982 and the constitution of the Patronage Federico García Lorca, becomes a museum in 1986.

The aim of this house museum is keeping his memory alive and making it a space where emotions affect remembrance, feed his ideals and his figure is projected.

Our proposal is a short but intense journey through the time, its  intimate spaces: stroll through the dining-room, kitchen, bedrooms and backyard, help us to understand  a bit more that would convey the feelings. We try to keep this small museum, house-museum, like a book with white walls, decorated with a collection of family memories and personal things, that  visitors can look during their visit of no more than an hour. And in the former barn, today an exhibition hall: his letters, drawings, books… suggest hidden secrets which reveal some unknown side of his multifaceted personality. After seeing the family stays, visitors will leave with the only images that remain from Lorca, accompanied by his fellow theatre group  La Barraca and during his trip to Montevideo.  

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