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Centro de estudios Lorquianos
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Territorios Lorquianos
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Lorca y su tiempo
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Lorca y su tiempo

The Cultural Patronage FGL is the agency that manages the house of the poet, depending to the Deputy of Granada.

It was in 1982 when the house, where FGL was born, was bought, to start a project, leading its first phase in July 29th, 1986, when it was opened to the public as a museum, the first one dedicated to one of the most important figures in the literary scene in the 20th century.

With the support of institutions, friends and relatives of the poet starts off with a firm resolution, which combines two concepts: one is to convert a traditional farmhouse in a museum, and also ensure that those visitors ready to pass the threshold of the first living space, walk out enriched of the stays that gave color and warmth to his childhood, in this village built on water in the very vega of Granada.

As the years pass, the Cultural Patronage FGL continues its task which began twenty years ago, expanding its activity with the opening of the Centro de Estudios Lorquianos, reference place for researches and scholars of his life and work. It carries out a program of activities to disseminate the richness of his work.

As Cultural Patronage included in the Deputy of Granada, an institution which is dedicated to the province, another objective has been to establish close links with those territories related to Lorca, hence they propose to create the lorquiana route. This offer of cultural tourism, let the visitors to spend the day following the steps of the poet: beginning at Fuente Vaqueros, the birthplace. Then, going through a landscape of poplars and fields, to visit the house in Valderrubio, following the visit of the Huerta de San Vicente, summer house from 1926 to 1936, ending in Víznar and Alfacar.



Nuevo espacio dedicado a Juan de Loxa

en la casa natal de FGL
2 y 2 son 22 JONDO Y FLAMENCO

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